The program will feature keynotes by leading names in contemporary Kant scholarship as well as talks by former students of Paul Guyer. Below is the  program.

Friday, Oct. 25
9:00–10:00 Coffee
10:00–10:15  Welcoming Remarks
10:15–11:30 Karl Ameriks, On the Many Senses of ‘Self-Determination’
11:45–12:45 Julian Wuerth, Does Constructivism Rest on a Mistake? Comments: Jennifer Uleman
12:45–2:15 Lunch Break
2:15–3:15 Brian Chance, Wolffian Logic, General Logic, and the Categories. Comments: Reed Winegar
3:30–4:30 Kate Moran, Independence, Apathy, and Joy. Comments: Wiebke Deimling
4:30–5:00 Coffee
5:00–6:00 Jennifer K. Dobe, Hidden in Plain Sight: Kant’s Principle of Aesthetic Judgment. Comments: Robert Clewis
6:15–7:30 Rolf-Peter Horstmann, On (transcendental) imagination (once again)
 Saturday, Oct. 26
9:00–10:00 Coffee
10:00–11:15 Allen W. Wood, Right and Ethics
11:30–12:30 Mike Nance and Jeppe von Platz, From Justice to Fairness? Comments: Marcy Latta
12:30–2:00 Lunch Break
2:00–3:00 Michael Rohlf, Transcendental Idealism in the B-Deduction. Comments: Uygar Abaci
3:15–4:15 Fred Rauscher, Moral Realism and the Inner Value of the World. Comments: Rob Hoffman
4:15–5:00 Coffee
5:00–6:15 Patricia Kitcher, Guyer on the Value of Freedom
7:00 + Group Dinner
 Sunday, Oct. 27
9:00–10:00 Coffee
10:00–11:15 Barbara Herman, Religion and the Highest Good: Speaking to the Heart of Even the Best of Us
11:30–12:45 Paul Guyer, Setting and Pursuing Ends: Internal and External Freedom

(Click here for a PDF of the program.)